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 Sailing in Croatia

Start your boat cruise on Kornati Islands

The Kornati Islands are the densest group of islands in the Mediterranean and are situated between the islands of Žirje, Dugi Otok and Pašman. The name comes from the word corona, which means a crown, a name given to the biggest attraction of the archipelago – the vertical cliffs and rocks, facing open sea.

The islands of the National Park are not inhabited and there are no sources of drinking water on them. Because of the extraordinary beauty of landscape, the rich flora and fauna and the abundance of natural bays, out of 152 of the Kornati islands, 89 of them were declared a national park in 1980. Visitors of the National Park Kornati must respect the fact that all islands of the Kornati archipelago are also private property, apart from being protected as natural heritage. Purara island is the center of the special protection area within the National Park Kornati, and people and boats are not allowed to go near the Purara island as well as the cliffs Klint and Violić and area around them, to ensure that the nature is isolated from any kind of human influence.

Thanks to its numerous coves, bays and “wild” ports, Kornati are the nautical and diving paradise. Cruising the Kornati for the first time, you will notice hundreds of meters long so called “dry walls”. All the walls are built from sea to sea, from one side of the island to another, in order to prevent sheep from crossing from one pasture into another. It is exactly as wide as it is necessary to prevent the force of the wind to brake it.

ACI Marina Piškera is situated between the islands of Piškera and Panitula vela, on the northern coast of Panitula vela. Because it is located in the middle of National Park and because of the breathtaking scenery, ACI Marina Piškera is very popular among yachtsmen. Marina provides good protection from the bura wind, but a little less protection from other southern winds. It has 118 berths for boats up to 30 m in length.

Although the Kornati islands are not permanently inhabited, there are a few labourer's and fishermen's houses scattered around bays on islands Žut, Sit, Kornat and surrounding islands, which are today restaurants and accommodation. A wide variety of local specialties has something for every food lover: brodet (fish stew) with polenta, scampi stew, salted sardines, octopus baked under an iron bell...  

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